STARMIX is specialized in the manufacture of planetary mixers for industrial pastry producers and pastry shops and for the catering sector.

STARMIX srl was founded in 1999 in the Thiene-Marano Vicentino-Schio (Altovicentino area) industrial "triangle", historically the home of numerous companies specialising in the production of machines and ovens for breadmaking.

Indeed, the high concentration of these companies in the Altovicentino industrial district has led to it becoming known for the manufacture of machines for baked goods.

Inserting itself into this particularly favourable local context, the company grew and developed within a very specific industrial "atmosphere", characterised by skill, professionalism and proven technology. In this environment, new ideas take shape, advanced technological research is carried out, and an extensive network of subcontractors serves as a highly effective support network for the company.

Within this context, STARMIX specialises in the production of planetary mixers for artisan and industrial bakeries, pastries and the catering sector, developing in accordance with a "step-by-step" philosophy to become an industry leader in the space of just a few years.

The company's constant interaction with a well-established network of highly-specialised suppliers ensures high product quality, enabling new elements and even machinery to be created in very tight time-frames. All this allows STARMIX to meet each and every one of our customer's needs.

The organisational dynamism of STARMIX enables the company to offer extremely short delivery times. The superb reliability of our mixers is widely recognised, and due to this, assistance is only required occasionally. In these rare cases, our well-stocked warehouse enables us to provide immediate support.

STARMIX produces the world's widest range of planetary mixers, with capacities ranging from 10 to 800 litres, and a host of features and models to meet any need.

The creation of "made-to-measure" mixers designed in accordance with the specific requirements of individual customers or particular markets, and the level of customisation offered with these, makes STARMIX products extremely appealing to the international market.

To assist the operator in emptying the product from the bowl of the STARMIX planetary mixers, we also manufacrture bowl elevators/tilters and pneumatic transfer buffers, and design special systems on the specific request of our customers.

All STARMIX machines are CE.

Close collaboration between the designers tasked with creating the inside and outside of our machines, avant-garde design software, consultants specialising in machine safety and years of experience in the industry enable STARMIX to deliver increasingly innovative, high-performance, safe machines to the user. The beginning of each new project starts with an in-depth analysis of safety machines aspects. Every year, STARMIX channels significant investment into machines safety and R&D.

STARMIX participates in leading national and international trade fairs for the 
bakerypatisserie and catering equipment industries.

Currently, Starmix exports to more than 90 countries worldwide thanks to an efficient network of dealers and agents who have believed in us over the years, and who identify with our company.